Vyos 1.2 only for paid subscriptions?


Hello. Will vyos version 1.2 be available for free as until now, or will only be available for the Professional/Corporate paid subscriptions?
Thanks and regards.


See https://blog.vyos.io/vyos-release-model-change


Thank you so much for the reply. So I guess it will still be possible to
“add system image https://downloads.vyos.io/rolling/current/amd64/vyos-1.2.0-rolling%2B201904260337-amd64.iso”, for example.

The thing is I run a college department with open source (no money for paid software/subscriptions). In your opinion, should I update to version 1.2 and keep updating, let’s say, monthly releases?
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Hello Dave,

There is a free option available for educational uses that can be applied for below.

You also have the option to build from source if you do not want to use the rolling release in production.


Thank you so much for the reply, I had no idea! I just filled the form and applied. Now, I’ll wait.
Thanks again.