VyOS 1.3.0 show interfaces input


Not sure if this is a bug or just something wrong with my build. In my VyOS 1.3.0 build I am able to configure input interfaces and redirect to them but they are not showing up with “show interfaces” output.

E.g. config:

vyos@vyos:~$ show config commands | match ifb0
set interfaces ethernet eth0 redirect 'ifb0'
set interfaces input ifb0 description 'Internet_inbound'
set interfaces input ifb0 traffic-policy out 'inet_in'


vyos@vyos:~$ show interfaces input
Codes: S - State, L - Link, u - Up, D - Down, A - Admin Down
Interface        IP Address                        S/L  Description
---------        ----------                        ---  -----------

The interface does show configured with standard iproute commands:

vyos@vyos:~$ ip -s addr show ifb0
6: ifb0: <BROADCAST,NOARP,UP,LOWER_UP> mtu 1500 qdisc htb state UNKNOWN group default qlen 32
    link/ether be:f5:49:ea:a9:92 brd ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff
    RX: bytes  packets  errors  dropped overrun mcast
    797742187  1573321  0       0       0       0
    TX: bytes  packets  errors  dropped carrier collsns
    797742187  1573321  0       0       0       0

Thanks, I created a task T4142