VyOS 1.3.2 setgid: Operation not permitted

Hi -

Ive compiled ISO image of vyos v1.3.2 by this manual

But triyng to configure shows me error:
vyos@vyos:~$ conf
setgid: Operation not permitted

Help me please what is wrong? Is there a way to fix it?

Thanx in advance.

Sorry for disturbing.
It was my mistake.
I rebuilt release from scratch. Now it is working

If you wouldn’t mind could you quickly explain what was wrong and what the fix was?
It might help someone in a month’s time if they make the same mistake.

Either way, glad you got it sorted - and Welcome to the Vyos forums :slight_smile:

Thanks, tjh

You’re right. I should explain what happens.
The problem was that I formed building environment by user ‘root’ but building process of ISO image was started by user ‘user’. ISO was successfully created but obviously had fatal errors.

The solution is clear - recreate entire building environment by ‘user’.
And never use user ‘root’ for your work :slight_smile:

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Ahhh yup, I’ve made a similar mistake before! Thank you for coming back and sharing the issue.

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