VyOS 1.3.3 LTS install/configuration automation issues mounting file system during pxe boot

Our project automates the entire install and configuration of our VyOS routers, using PXE and a custom boot image/custom scripts and software. We already have solutions for versions 1.1.6 and 1.1.7, but upon attempting the same feat with 1.3.3 we have run into two issues:

  1. Our current PXE boot setup is failing on mounting the VyOS image. We’re using an older version of syslinux (4.07) as our bootloader, chainloaded (not sure if this is the proper wording) to iPXE v 1.0.0. On attempting to mount the root file system, it’s dropping into BusyBox with an “(initramfs) Unable to find a medium containing a live file system” error message.
  2. After OS install, our custom boot image takes over to mount the file system and place our custom scripts/software so that we can automate our entire configuration process. But with 1.3.3 our boot image is failing on mounting the file system as well.

My assumption is that both of these issues are connected in some way, and that the VyOS’ persistent file system structure is behind this. But so far I have not found a way around the problem.

Regarding PXE boot what is your current configuration for iPXE?