VyOS 1.3-epa1 DNS Forwarding using DNS from DHCP


I have been testing my home router config on a VyOS 1.3-epa1 lab VM (KVM). Has anyone else noticed that setting DNS forwarding to use DNS servers from an interface DHCP is not working? In such a case the DNS forwarding is still acting as recursive DNS rather then forwarding to the upstream ISP DNS server that should be pulled from the specific DHCP interface.

Relevant config:

set interfaces ethernet eth0 address 'dhcp'
set interfaces ethernet eth1 address ''
set service dns forwarding allow-from ''
set service dns forwarding dhcp 'eth0'
set service dns forwarding dnssec 'off'
set service dns forwarding listen-address ''

We’ll test and look for a fix if we can reproduce it. From my experience, most people use it to avoid ISPs resolvers, but it’s a valid use case and should be supported.