VyOS 1.3-rolling-202008200357 VXLAN not working

Hello! Since I want to help this awesome community I ditched 1.2.5 LTS image and moved to latest rolling release.Configured it afresh. However, we cannot get vxlan working. The other end is a linux system.
commands used:
set interface vxlan vxlan1 vni 1
set interface vxlan vxlan1 remote 115.187.xx.xx
set interface vxlan vxlan1 source-address 10.28.xx.xx (my ip address on wan interface)
set interface vxlan vxlan1 port 4789
set interface vxlan vxlan1 address 2602:feda:afe::3/48
However, I cannot ping 2602:feda:afe::1 that is on otherside of vxlan. Please help. Worked fine till 1.2.5, however I want to contribute to vyos testing so moved to rolling release.

Hello @mafiosa, I can confirm the bug. It looks like an interface state issue, please check show interfaces. If vxlan1 has state A/D, try manually up this sudo ip link set vxlan1 up and check again.

Yes I guessed it yesterday but wanted to confirm. Thanks now working! I just love this community. So proactive.

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@mafiosa will be fixed on latest rolling https://phabricator.vyos.net/T2823