VyOS 1.3 swanctl.conf empty

Hi there,

I want to disable replay protection on the child, but the conf file is empty in strongswan.d and in other directories, how do I go about changing this? I can do this easily in 1.4

I believe 1.3 still used ipsec.conf instead.

Where is it located?

I found it, just in /etc

Any idea how to persist changes? Seems like it’s generated by a script

Also is there work being done to have the replay_window config available via the vyos config abstraction?

I’d recommend making a feature request on https://vyos.dev

⚓ T5998 replay_window setting under vpn in config - FR


source /opt/vyatta/etc/functions/script-template
cp /config/swanctl.conf /etc/swanctl/swanctl.conf
run restart ipsec

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