Vyos-1.4 DHCP default-route-distance ignored

Hi All

I’ve come across a bug that’s already in Phabricator relating to the default-route-distance option being ignored when static routes are changed, but it looks like it’s auto-generated (or similar) and so isn’t being actively worked on (from what I can tell).

The ticket is here - Login

Am I reading it correctly? I’m certainly keep to have it fixed but don’t want to add another ticket for something that’s already there.



Actually, I note that there’s the date of Feb 20 2022 in the ticket.

The version I’m currently running is VyOS 1.4-rolling-202202191220 which was from the day before. Is it therefore likely that a release after Feb 20 should include the changes? I’ll download the latest and will try but am trying to understand how it all works.


That’s correct.
In phabricator, when you see and issue,a bug report or a feature request that was fixed|added and merged, then next build should contain new code.

That’s great. Thanks Nicolas.

Yeah, it also seems the latest rolling is working fine in that regard confirming what you just said.


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