VyOS 1.4: FTP is not working in new buils

Hi there
I have FTP server in LAN with NAT on VyOS gateway. Now I use 1.4 build 2023-01-07. It works fine. Builds 2023-05-25 and 2023-06-08 are not working.
Here’s my config (eth1 is WAN interface):
nat {
destination {
rule 26 {
destination {
port 21
inbound-interface eth1
protocol tcp
translation {
source {
rule 11 {
outbound-interface eth1
translation {
address masquerade

Remove the firewall or provide firewall rules.
Or show
“sudo nft list ruleset”
“sudo lsmod | grep ftp”

Firewall removed at all.
Server’s log:
ftp_server.txt (582 Bytes)
sudo nft list ruleset
1.txt (4.5 KB)
sudo lsmod | grep ftp
2.txt (507 Bytes)

(build 2023-06-12; FTP server IP

I found a way arround this issue using proftpd and the module ifsession, here’s how

LoadModule mod_ifsession.c

# Define a class for internal clients


# Internal clients get a different MasqueradeAddress
<IfClass internal>

# All other clients get some different, public MasqueradeAddress
<IfClass !internal>

so, for the clients on the server repply as the address, but for other client’s it repplys as

not ideal, but so far, it worked for me

My FTP has the settings to reply by different addresses. Unfortunately, it’s not a solution.
Old builds work OK → something wrong in conntrack’s ftp module.

is true, but at the moment, if you want to use the latest version. That’s the best way that I found, to do it.