Vyos 1.4 LTS release date?

When will the LTS version 1.4 be released?

When the RC versions have been thoroughly tested, bugs are found and fixed, and it is ready for production use.

Probably when all these issues have been resolved:


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Is that possible to add this task :

Since I heavily need this feature. If it not finished. I can’t upgrade vyos 1.3 to vyos 1.4

Read our blog posts, there will be no other sources of information of releases.

@Viacheslav Is this ticket finished when vyos 1.4 release? I really need this feature.

@echowings It wasn’t merged even for 1.5; see PR and discussion
The PR was never updated for requested changes.
So, I’m not expecting this for 1.4 now. Any good tested and working feature could be backported later.


Thanks for you quick replay! :slight_smile:
I am eagerly anticipating the upcoming feature.

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