VyOS 1.4-rolling-202209060217 - IPoE VLAN-ID of the client network configuration

Hi all,
I’m new in this forum and also a little bit new on VyOS, but I was playing around with the IPoE configuration.
As per subject seems that is not working as expected or could also be that I’m misunderstanding the concept.
Here the extract of the IPoE config :

set service ipoe-server authentication interface eth4.50 mac-address 00:0c:29:67:ad:e1 vlan-id '50'
set service ipoe-server authentication interface eth4.51 mac-address 00:0c:29:0a:ef:70 vlan-id '51'
set service ipoe-server authentication mode 'local'
set service ipoe-server client-ipv6-pool delegate 2001:db8:8002::/48 delegation-prefix '56'
set service ipoe-server client-ipv6-pool prefix 2001:db8:8001::/48 mask '64'
set service ipoe-server interface eth4.50 client-subnet ''
set service ipoe-server interface eth4.51 client-subnet ''
set service ipoe-server name-server ''
set service ipoe-server name-server ''
set service ipoe-server name-server '2001:4860:4860::8888'
set service ipoe-server name-server '2001:4860:4860::8844'

As you can see there two lines about two different client with mac auth and relative vlan of reference. But seems that the automatic translation of the commands to the related file is only creating the first entry (/run/accel-pppd/ipoe.chap-secrets).

root@VyOS-PPPoE-IPoE-Server:/home/vyos# cat /run/accel-pppd/ipoe.chap-secrets
# username  server  password  acceptable local IP addresses   shaper
eth4.50 * 00:0c:29:67:ad:e1  *
eth4.51 * 00:0c:29:0a:ef:70  *

This is a manually modified config file. Also after a reboot of the box, again you will find only one of them.

This could be a bug or I’m trying to use the feature in a wrong way?

Many thx and regards,

It is a bug with chap-secret generation
At first look the issue is there https://github.com/vyos/vyos-1x/blob/bdd7f6be4afae6dd8ccefede5de809f9bb73ee1d/src/conf_mode/service_ipoe-server.py#L120-L146

As to me incorrect dictionary

vyos@r14# commit
[ service ipoe-server ]
{'auth_interfaces': [{'mac': [{'address': '00:0c:29:67:ad:e1',
                               'rate_download': '',
                               'rate_upload': '',
                               'vlan': '50',
                               'vlan_id': ''}],
                      'name': 'eth4.50'},
                     {'mac': [], 'name': 'eth4.51'}],
 'auth_mode': 'local',
 'chap_secrets_file': '/run/accel-pppd/ipoe.chap-secrets',
 'client_ipv6_delegate_prefix': [{'mask': '56',
                                  'prefix': '2001:db8:8002::/48'}],
 'client_ipv6_pool': [{'mask': '64', 'prefix': '2001:db8:8001::/48'}],
 'client_named_ip_pool': [],
 'dnsv4': ['', ''],
 'dnsv6': ['2001:4860:4860::8888', '2001:4860:4860::8844'],
 'interfaces': [{'ifcfg': '1',
                 'mode': 'L2',
                 'name': 'eth4.50',
                 'range': '',
                 'sess_start': 'dhcpv4',
                 'shared': '1',
                 'vlan_mon': []},
                {'ifcfg': '1',
                 'mode': 'L2',
                 'name': 'eth4.51',
                 'range': '',
                 'sess_start': 'dhcpv4',
                 'shared': '1',
                 'vlan_mon': []}],
 'radius_acct_inter_jitter': '',
 'radius_acct_tmo': '3',
 'radius_dynamic_author': '',
 'radius_max_try': '3',
 'radius_nas_id': '',
 'radius_nas_ip': '',
 'radius_server': [],
 'radius_shaper_attr': '',
 'radius_shaper_enable': False,
 'radius_shaper_multiplier': '',
 'radius_shaper_vendor': '',
 'radius_source_address': '',
 'radius_timeout': '3',
 'thread_cnt': 2}


Hi @Viacheslav ,
many thanks for your response and confirming me that seems to be more a bug then a config error.
Let me know if this is already trucked in phabricator or if it is new … you will do it or shall I create it?

I created the task T4676

Perfect, many thx !!