Vyos 1.5 load-balancer ca cert bundle


I have a a cert and key for domain.com , but its ca is actually a bundle of 3 different certs.

I have done the following

set pki ca 01cert certificate ‘text’
set pki ca 02cert certificate ‘text’
set pki ca 03cert certificate ‘text’

so the 3 certs in the bundles is available as 01cert 02cert and 03cert

I have my regular cert as

set load-balancing reverse-proxy service https ssl certificate domaincert

The load balancer is working with the issue ‘unable to get local issuer certificate’ …

so how do I tell vyos that the cert ‘domaincert’ has 3 ca certs 01cert 02cert and 03cert.


Multiple certificates were added in the task T5798


usually ssl cert bundle come with 2 or 3 certs bundled as once … each with their own respective --start certificate – and --end certificate – blocks.

Is it best practice to create each of those servers individually and then give a list of 3-4 certs when doing reverse proxy, or is there a way to combine these certs into one ?