VyOS and Lanner


Just wanted to see if anyone has paired these two together before?

I will be purchasing 4 of these:


and installing VyOS on them, to act as our Edge routers for 3 new datacenter locations. They’ll be holding 3 1GB carrier links (eBGP), and 1 10Gb link. I’m curious if anyone has tried a similar setup in a traffic intensive datacenter environment, or anything carrier grade? If so, I’m wondering about the performance.




This doesn’t really fit in commercial offerings forum since you are not selling anything. :slight_smile:

10gig can be tricky. If all you are doing is simple forwarding, it should be fine, but beware of stateful filtering and conntrack in general, statefullness needs a lot of CPU.


I could see a potential for a NIC driver issue, given it’s very new hardware.

I use VyOS in a very similar environment, works great. I do not have 10G interfaces, however.