Vyos and switch chips

Does VyOS function with switch chips(like in the edgecore AS7316-26XB (Broadcom Qumran-AX BCM88470))?

Greetings Antleo, welcome back!

Currently VyOS does not support any ASIC or switch chips.

Theoretically speaking, it should be possible to install VyOS and get a CLI on this specific device you’re referring to, but the SO won’t be able to see the Ethernet interfaces due to a Broadcom proprietary chip that requires a specific software to work properly.
So it won’t make any sense to deploy VyOS with this hardware right now.

We’re discussing the possibility to support devices like this EdgeCore in the future.

Hope that helps!

Thanks m1nus!

I’m not great on the programming side, especially into this low level, but would it make sense to build vyos on something like ONL that already has the chip drivers installed and gives an abstraction layer with standard api calls? (I’m sure it’d be no small feat)

Id love the ability to use the cell site gateway devices from edgecore, they’d suit our needs well.