VyOS as a multilayer switch

Hi. First of all, I knew that VyOS was built specifically as a router. Just wondering is there a way that I can use it as a multilayer switch. Actually I was trying to learn about networking and I’m using GNS3 to do my labs. I can use Cisco Packet Tracer for my labs but it lacks features because of simulated devices.

I can’t seems to find an open source / free switch appliance that’s have Cisco-like syntax that I’m familiar with. I don’t like the idea of pirating Cisco images and I would say that I’m not able to afford paying for CML subscription.

I’ve stumble upon Open vSwitch but to be honest, I’m not very familiar with the syntax of it. I’m liking the command syntax of VyOS, it’s really easy to understand and well documented. Kudos to the developers and contributors.

Hopefully someone give me suggestions on how to approach this. Thanks :smiley:

You could could try Aristas vEOS but keep in mind some features will not work in a virtual environment.


You can certainly use VyOS as switch in your lab!