Vyos as SIT tunnel server

I am trying to run my private SIT tunnel. I am trying to figure out how to let Vyos routes tunnel traffic. Right now machines on the subnet can reach Vyos server but their traffic won’t be routed to internet. Any idea?

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  • Do you want to access an IPv6 destination via tunnel (and/or an IPv4)?
  • Did you allocate a routable IPV6 prefix from which assigned to clients and left forwarding enabled at the router?
  • Did you allocate a single/128 to router and want to use that as source?
  • Do you masquerade IPv4 in a source NAT rule?

I have IPv6 routes. I am running BGP session on the router. So I can assign IPv6 prefix. Only IPv6 traffic. Not sending IPv4 traffic through the tunnel.

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Hello @dnwk,
Try to configuring a static IPv6 default route through a sit tunnel on the remote side to access the internet.

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