VyOS as VM: PV or HVM?

I am going to install VyOS in an Xen VM and wondering rather it’s best to use PV or HVM.

PV uses the paravirtual drivers, which I think are part of the image builds already.

HVM basically means setting PCI passthrough for the 2x NICs directly to the VM running VyOS.

I prefer the HVM route to air-gap my dom0 and it seems like a cleaner setup anyway; but, I am wondering what others are doing with Type-1 hypervisors.

I run… a lot of VyOS instances in VMs. I just run VLANs and trunk in virtual switches/bridges. I don’t really see the point of passing through NICs, especially since it’s inefficient when you have traffic destined back for the same VM host.

The answer is HVM. t
This used in AWS AMI for example