VyOS Certification Program



Hi guys!

Some time ago, in the blog, it was said that an official VyOS certification program was one of the things that were being considered for the future of VyOS.

I just wanted to ask, are there any updates regarding this topic?



Hello World!

I am very interested in this too, I give several VyOS training here in Brazil issuing certification of my own company, it would be interesting that this was officially recognized.

I think VyOS would have a source of income.

  • Collect values to recognize official training companies and their training agenda in each country;
  • Collect values for proof of certification per student (think: 30 per student, classes of 20 students, 600 per class).
  • Renewal of certification every 2, 3, 4, 5 years, maybe.
  • Official page in vyos.io for professional consultation certified by the certificate number (Cisco like).

I wait anxiously.


we currently developing both training course and certification exams.
Badges will be used for certifications
This all is a foundation for future expansion to local training offerings