Vyos cloud-init questions

Let me begin by thanking the developers of vyos and vyos-cloudinit. This is a fantastic router for AWS. I am using the AWS AMIs listed at the vyos-cloudinit GH repo. I am having some troubles using the AWS CLI to gather info to be used in the vyos config at boot time. I have a service role attached to the instance that permits all EC2 actions. I verified this works after the vyos instances boots.

  1. What is the log file location used by vyos-cloudinit?

  2. Why does the AWS CLI seem to fail when executed in the context of vyos cloud-init?

    vyos@konekti:/tmp$ curl
    source /opt/vyatta/etc/functions/script-template
    aws ec2 describe-instances --region us-east-1 > /tmp/ec2
    curl -s http://icanhazip.com > /tmp/myip
    export VGWaddress1=$(aws ec2 describe-vpn-connections --query ‘VpnConnections[0].VgwTelemetry[0].OutsideIpAddress’ --region us-east-1 | sed s’/“//g’)
    export VGWaddress2=$(aws ec2 describe-vpn-connections --query ‘VpnConnections[0].VgwTelemetry[1].OutsideIpAddress’ --region us-east-1 | sed s’/”//g’)
    echo “My VGW addresses are $VGWaddress1 and $VGWaddress2” > /tmp/VGWs
    set system host-name vyos1
    set interfaces ethernet eth0 description ‘RouterOutsideInt’

I know my instance has Internet connectivtity as the /tmp/myip file contains the instance’s public IP address. The /tmp/ec2 and /tmp/VGWs files are empty. The AWS CLI commands work when executed manually post-boot.

Jeff L.

old implementation of cloud init is not supported anymore and repository is archived
1.2. will have new implementation

@syncer - Understood. I am looking forward the new implementation. I recognize that the developers’ time will be focused on this and not the legacy implementation.

I remain curious if anyone from the community knows the answer to my questions on the legacy implementation. Vyos is heavily used by large enterprise customers in AWS and this bootstrapping ability is important to them.

Where is the documentation for the new implementation in 1.2 and what is the name of the package?