Vyos commands documentation

I built a script to parse the operational and configuration command tree in Vyatta/Vyos, and also parse the Vyatta 6.5 pdf documentation. The results are at 510 Software Group. This is still incomplete - there are cases where the Vyatta 6.5 documentation describes a command, but not in a format that is easily parseable. The next pass will fix some of those.

This has uncovered a few bugs:

/vyatta-op/templates/ping/node.tag/node.tag/node.tag -> ../node.tag/

That is a symbolic link loop, and was present in Vyatta 6.5.

find . -type f | grep /ipv6/bgp/community/ | wc -l
find .  -type f | grep /ip/bgp/community/ | wc -l

Something seems very strange with the operational templates for “show ipv6 bgp community …” tree. I am not sure why that is not a simple clone of the ip/bgp/community tree.

Of course, future work includes some sort of writeup or link to Vyos documentation for the new commands/features that were not in Vyatta 6.5