VyOS Community Highlights: November’s Bright Stars!

Greetings VyOS Community!

:christmas_tree: As December unfolds, drawing us closer to the close of 2023, it’s the ideal moment to extend our heartfelt appreciation to those exceptional souls who consistently light up our dynamic community. Let’s spotlight the phenomenal contributors who’ve woven richness into our tapestry throughout November. Give a round of applause to the following members! :clap:


These exceptional minds fuel our community’s growth, generously gifting us their expertise, passion, and time. Yet, our gratitude extends to every community member, recognizing your pivotal roles.

Let’s also tip our hats to our devoted VyOS team, working hard diligently behind the scenes, nurturing our community. A thunderous :zap: applause for them too!

To the lifeblood of our community–each one of you–let’s persist in sowing positivity, nurturing discussions, and sharing solutions.

Thank you for making November another month of greatness. As we embark on this new chapter, let’s sustain fervor and zeal! Help us spread the word about our amazing community.

A gentle reminder: The VyOS ASCII ART CONTEST started on December 1st. Join in for a chance to win the following prizes:

:medal_sports: First Place: $300 Gift Card (of your choice) + VyOS swag
:medal_sports: Second Place: $150 Gift Card (of your choice) + VyOS swag

With deep gratitude,
The VyOS Team