VyOS from usb stick?

I have used Linux USB Creator and Universal USB Installer to make a bootable thumb drive, but I keep getting the same error “Unable to open ‘/dev/sdc’.” Does anyone know how to successfully create a bootable USB stick with VyOS? I am not trying to use the stick to run the OS, but to install onto a new machine. I don’t want to create a DVD for something this small.

So, I tried using a virtual machine to install on the USB stick, but it gives me the same error, “unable to open ‘/dev/sdc’.” It seems it has a problem reading the USB when it is the actual installation source? This is weird, I would think it would be like any other linux flavor and it would run just fine off of USB.

this has worked for me every time.

My Video record: 5- VyOS Serial Port Install and USB Disk – Fatih USTA

I found this old thread, but I am having same exact issue. I used Rufus on my Windows system to,make bootable usb for the VyOS install and it boots to where I hit enter then when it tries to load it can’t fine sda, sdb, sdc and after trying dozens of times then says it failed. I can’t figure this out. I can create other bootable USB sticks for windows and they boot. Any ideas?

did you use ‘dd mode’?

I started with ISO mode then tried DD mode, but DD mode the usb drive doses nto even show as an option in the boot menu. Was I supplied to use DD mode, I can try again.

OK I have made progress. I downloaded the latest night beta and it boots fine, so clearly the 1/1/7 version does not like something about my hardware. I noticed 1.1.7 is over 18 months old. Any idea when a newer stable version will be available? Also any way to use the new ISO to install the older image?

OK, I am moving along and discovered a few things. First the last stable build will not install no matter what I do. I think it is getting hung up with the Intel Raid controller. If I use the lastest nightly builds I till get further along it winds up disabling my BIOS based mirrored drives and takes one offline and installs to the other then works fine, but I no longer have Raid. If I just use the Intel controller with 2 independent drives it lets me pick one and install, but no option during the install even to enable OS based Raid. Oddly if I remove one drive and try the install it goes to,install and asks me if I want to Raid my main drive with the usb stick, of course I say no. Seems very odd and I will test some more.

Intel raid is considered ‘fake-raid’ It is not a true hardware raid. DO NOT USE IT.

It might be fake raid, but it does provide some redundancy economically. For my server I use LSI raid adapter, but for VyOS router I was hoping this would work. For now I am running VyOS in a Hyper-v VM, but will like go bare metal with a single Crucial SSD and gamble that it will work without issue.

instead of using fakeraid, why not use mdraid that VyOS and the underlying Debian provide? It is much much better than any Intel fakeraid

Isn’t mdraid going to be a problem if the primary drive fails since it can’t boot automatically from the secondary drive?


You just need to install grub to both disks and it will boot from either one