VyOs Hardware compatability


I am building a VyOs system and going with

  • quad core Intel i5-7500 (4 x 3.4GHz)
  • Gigabyte GA-H270N-WIFI
  • 8GB Ram
  • 120GB SSD (overkill, but had lying around)
  • Intel 350T4 quad port PCIe card.

I know the CPU is likely very much overkill, but I am coming from an Edge Router that was CPU constrained when I tried to add firewall rules to apply DSCP tags and then traffic shape based on those tags. I prefer to have more CPU than needed, than not enough. If I let the CPU go to lower power modes I hope to just have the headroom for when needed.

Where can I find a list of what drivers are in VyOS to know if the Nic will work? IS there a preferred multi-port NIC that the drivers are built in?



There is no such list(yet) sadly
Generally will do 2 recommendations

  • Intel NICs
  • VyOS 1.2


Yeah I thought so, just hoping that the Intel i350 is built into the Debian base that VyOS is built on. Otherwise will have to look at the articles to add them in.


I think i350 will be working out of the box


I did end up with an Intel I340-T4 and it is recognized fine.


The i340-T4 is working great. My setup is screaming fast barely denting CPU with all my polices and rules applied which used to crush my old EdgeRouter Lite. I now know the CPU is way overkill and probably could have gotten by with a lot less. But I used a Kill A Watt meter and it averages around 28 watts under normal conditions, if I synthetically peg the CPU it goes up to 58 watts. I also could not get the MB Intel Raid software to work at all with any version of VyOS. Also the 1.17 and 1.1.8 RC2 will not even boot on this MB with the Intel SATA set to ACHI so I have to use latest (at the time) 20171107 nightly build.