Vyos Install : Exiting : error unnounting/usr/lib/live/mount

Good Afternoon,

I am not a Linux guru, so bear with me however I love Linux… it just doesn’t love me back yet. I am sure many of you understand.

I recently created a bootable USB using Rufus and booted and installed Vyos on a pair of Quotom Q190G4N . The first went off without a hitch, I ran “install image” and ran through the install script. The second box throws an error when I attempt to get through the step in the install script what it prompts " This will destroy all data on /dev/sda Continue y/n . I answer yes . Then prompts I “need to unmount /usr/lib/live/mount/medium” I answer ok and it says “Exiting : error unnounting/usr/lib/live/mount/medium” . I get into bash and attempt to unmount which appears fine, I rerun the script with the same problem LSOF shows nothing attached to the mount. What gives? Why would this work fine on one box and not the other. Do you all have any recommendations?


All, The fix was the manufacturer installed the memory for the second box in the wrong chassis slot. After I opened them both up, I realized this, made the change and was successful installing .