VYOS installation in Bare metal and having problem with interface Mapping

Hi Guys,

We just installed Vyos 1.5-rolling-202403050022 image over a bare-metal ( advantech box) which has 2 combo ports and 4 ethernet ports.

But We could see only 4 ethernet interfaces (eth0 to eth3 ) in Vyos.

Maybe vyos didn’t content the driver for your network adapters.

sudo ifconfig  | grep eth*

Can you link to the specific hardware or provide the hardware specifications (particularly for the NICs)?

Vendor and hardwaremodel would be nice.

Same with a dump of “sudo dmesg” along with “lspci”, “lspci -v” and “lsmod”.

If you plugin a random transceiver in the SFP slots, do they show up after the reboot?

I know that there were some work done on interface detection and sfp slots etc not too long ago.