VYOS interfaces in Vmware workstation on windows - Clone


I am trying to figure out how to lock the hw-address / mac / hw-id in vyos so when I clone or restart workstation I do not loose configuration of my eth0, eth1 eth2 etc Ethernet interfaces which rename everytime. Workstation is in windows and workstation is ver 12… I don’t see how to do this anywhere online - so figured id ask - just wanting to hear back have my hw-id’s written down… Thanks in advance for your help…


I’m not sure if it possible to preserve mac address when cloning vm
you may want delete hw-id’s from interfaces before cloning,
but you still need take care about NIC order anyway


I have the same problem, I have deployed VyOS in ESXi as OVA, created basic configuration on VM and converted it to template. I need to preserve setting on first interface, but after each deployment from template, identificators are change, so configuration is not the same.

Can the removal of interface identificator help? All I need is to get IP address from DHCP server on interface and the rest of the configuration will be managed through Ansible. Therefore, the automatation of this process is necessary, because I will be deploying 10+ of VyOS instances.

Thanks for help.


you just need to remove hw-id from interfaces, power off vm
and create template
this should work just fine


Perfect, this works exactly how I need, thank you.