Vyos Interfaces Show Degraded (Integration Services Upgrade Required)

Not sure how to go about fixing this, but I recently updated a hyper-v server and had a good thing going with a vyos router in a lab environment with multiple interfaces, when I then noticed each interface for the vyos virtual machine said next to it:

Degraded (Integration Services Upgrade Required)

Also when I see the configuration it seems my eth0-5 has changed to eth6-11 so there is a clue there, wonder why that changed?

Can someone provide some direction on how to go about getting rid of that Degraded notice?

Hyper-V wants you to install the integration services upgrade from the Hyper-V upgrade you did…

I see an option to install integration disk but, doing it so it’s installs on vyos? Or the hyperv server?

integration services are intended for your GUEST. I would recommend if you are going to run any kind of Virtualization system, that you learn a little bit about it.


Got it figured out, lab is rolling out again.