Vyos Internet access

Sure! Here’s a draft of the question you can post on the VyOS forums:

Hello VyOS Community,

I have recently configured VyOS on my network, and I believe I have set up everything correctly. However, my VyOS system is not able to access the internet. Here is a summary of my current configuration:

  1. WAN Interface: Configured with a static IP address
  2. LAN Interface: Configured with an internal IP address for my local network.
  3. NAT: Enabled with appropriate rules to translate internal addresses to the external WAN IP.
  4. Firewall Rules: Set up to allow outgoing traffic from the LAN to the WAN and vice versa.
  5. Routing: Default route set to point to the gateway provided by my ISP.

Despite this configuration, I am unable to ping external websites or access the internet from devices connected to the LAN. Could you please help me troubleshoot this issue? Are there specific commands or logs I should check to diagnose the problem further?

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

Best regards,

Delete the firewall and check connectivity

Share your config (sanitized)