VyOS IPsec VPN connection-type 'bi-directional'

Does VyOS IPsec VPN have ‘bi-directional’ as a connection- type. I only see initiate and respond. What if I want any of the endpoints to be able to initiate. How would I go about with that?

Just set both to initiate :slight_smile:

If both sides are set to Initiate, who will respond when one side initiates? its quite confusing.

Am new to VyOS, used Cisco before and these were viable connection settings:
Initiate -> Respond
Bidirectional <-> Bidirectional

I stand to be corrected


One side is a VyOS router and the other side of the tunnel is a Cisco ASA firewall

I am pretty sure when one is set to Initiate, it will respond as well.

The setting of both sides to initiate does not work with Vyos <-> Cisco ASA combination. I have tried it

Why it does not works? Did you research logs from both sides?