vyos ipsec



Basically I need to setup ipsec vpn on two vti interface and my bgp works on two vti interface but I need to do primary and secondary. Right now my both vti bgp work but when my primary interface goes down its move to secondary but when my primary goes up its not move to primary again can u please help for this.

Please help me it’s very urgent


You should copy your (sanitized) configuration, without it we cannot help.

A network diagram would be useful to understand how is your bgp topology.



thanks for reply

i am sharing you configuration details as well with attachment

please help me to configure it
its very urgent



Play around with commands like below, to make one path preferred over the other
set protocols bgp 65505 neighbor weight 10
set protocols bgp 65505 neighbor weight 20
On opposing router, you need similar commands

These aren’t your full configs, but if you’re only using BGP between these 2 routers…I’d be using OSPF


thanks for reply its working.

i need one more help.

i am not able to ping thought ipsec vpn my internal machine that run on same network can u please help me what i need to do for this as well


If all traffic through VPN tunnel works, it’s probably a problem on your PC.
Check it’s gateway settings , and if its local firewall allows ping


basically i configure vyos router on two aws account and my vpn tunnel show up and i am able to ping my internal ip that i am using in vyos router both side but when i try to ping internal machine that already running in same network i unable to do this can please guide me about this as well


What’s the output of traceroute command executed on this internal machine , destination address to aws internal?


Hi 16again can you post the output if you know it now. Thanks.