Vyos loses routes when primary DC goes offline

Hello. We rely on Vyos for VPN services (5.4.156-amd64-vyos). When we bring down the PDC for patching or maintenance, none of the VPN users get routing when they connect. There is a BDC, however vyos doesn’t seem to use it. I’ve inherited the setup, so when I need to do maintenance I need to either at job a reboot of the server or be on-site. This doesn’t work well since most my server maintenance is outside business hours.

Two questions… first, is this a known issue? If so, are workarounds documented somewhere?
Secondly, if I can get to the vyos, what would the commands be to reset the VPN so I don’t have to bounce the server every time?


Hi, the problem absolutely not clear without nodes configuration
Which type VPN are you using? Which routes do you lose? Which failover type ?
How master/backup connected between each other? Which VyOS version?
Is it bare metal is or virtual servers?