Vyos losing configuration protocols bgp

Staff had a problem with vyos.
After restarting it it does not raise the bgp protocols, and in the show configurations commads some of my configuration.
Version of vyos is 1.1.7
Interface dual port x520

Are commands still present in /config/config.boot ?
On edgeOS I’ve seen errors in config run fine, but after reboot, config is somehow better validated on startup , and on error, trouble part of config tree gets removed.

So it only disappeared bgp protocols. Now checking the log the following aparace error

Feb 25 15:25:12 BGP-ILOGNET zebra[3123]: netlink-cmd error: No such device, type=RTM_NEWROUTE(24), seq=5840641, pid=0

I veirifiquei in my boot file and there is the bgp protocols. What can I do to make it save?

I had a problem similar.

Someone changed the config, the commit generated some erros but the admin did not take no action, all other configs continued to work and he saved the config.

After a reboot the bgp lines were in config.boot but bgp protocol was not working, a show ip bgp showed nothing like it was disabled.

After looking carefuly the config we found a invalid route-map in one peer, so these invalid config did not permited the load of bgp all protocol. All other configs were OK.