VyOS & LTE modem

Firstly: Hello to everyone as this is my first post.

Secondly: I’ve got VyOS running on mini-ITX board with Intel Cel. J1900. I will be installing Sierra Wireless MC7304 LTE modem on the board to work as my failover. Has anyone attempted to marry LTE modem with VyOS? I would prefer to use it in qmi_wwan mode (rather than ppp). I die for some information in this matter as I have been unsuccessful so far.

VyOS has limited to no support for wi-fi and 3g/LTE
Maybe a good reason to submit a feature request(please spend some time to describe it well. About qmi_wwan and in general)

Thank you for the answer. From what you say I understand that the modem should work in standard PPP mode, right? Is there any how-to guide on that (I didn’t find any on forum or website).

you almost for sure will get issues with drivers, 1.1.x is pretty old
1.2 betas is more freshier, but it still far away from stable
I’m not sure if ppp will work, will check with devs

Thanks for the above. I’m running the latest beta anyway since stable 1.1.7 does not want to install. Just two questions now:

  1. When will devs answer? :wink:
  2. Where can I get any changelogs for betas?



I installed modem today and it’s showing up in the system:

Also, I’ve got two new devices. That means qmi_wwan driver is loaded correctly:

Just to confirm I run dmesg:

Now, how to use the damn thing now?


From linux commands I can get to the following:

Unfortunately WWAN0 and WWAN1 do not show as interfaces in VyOS config cli anywhere. I guess they should be appearing in interfaces->wirelessmodem or elsewhere… Any good idea?

3G modem is quite a neglected feature. It needs someone who loves them enough to go through the trouble of re-designing and re-writing it from scratch.
Right now it only has hardcoded initialization strings for american AT&T, T-mobile, and Verizon. Modems that look like ethernet interfaces definitely have never been supported.

If you want to take up this task, you are welcome.

Unfortunately I’m not good enough in any programming language to perform such a task.

As for the hardcoded initialization strings - I’ve noticed that. Is there any way to manually add a network?

We have been working on this exact same thing since last November without much success so far. We are working with a Nimblelink modem. This would be an extremely useful feature.

For now I’m forced to stick with RouterOS which I hate, but it works fine. When I have time I’ll give Endian a go. Quick look tells me it’s worth a shot.

We did get this working with VYoS. Both with 4g LTE primary and as a backup. Is there still any interest in this?

Yes. This would be my target & desired solution.


Please share your solution!

Well, doesn’t look like we’re getting anything anytime soon.

That is common issue,
once people solve their issue no one bother to add it to wiki
Sad but true

Sorry for the delay. Here is what ended up working for us.

Edit /opt/vyatta/etc/config/scripts/vyatta-postconfig-bootup.script and add the following lines. You can also do this from the CLI first to see if the modem will enumerate.

modprobe option
echo 1bc7 1201 > /sys/bus/usb-serial/drivers/option1/new_id
(this should make the modem enumerate under /dev if it hasn’t already.)

you can identify the hex needed in the previous command by issuing lsusb

Then create interface wlm101

set interfaces wirelessmodem wlm101 device ttyUSB3
set interfaces wirelessmodem wlm101 network att

edit the chat scripts in /etc/ppp/peers to inculde ONLY the following text:

‘’ \rATZ
OK ‘ATQ0 V1 E1 S0=0 &C1 &D2 +FCLASS=0’
OK AT+CGDCONT=1,“IP”,“broadband”,“”,0,0
OK ATD99**1#

Additional notes:
Signal strength
sudo screen /dev/ttyUSB4

lsusb Shows modem identifier (1bc7 …)

sudo screen /dev/ttyUSB3 115200
AT OK response
AT+CSQ check signal strength
to quit (ctrl+a ctrl+d)

I apologize for the delay. This forum has helped me out a great deal. And I hope to contribute something useful.

No doubts - interest is still her :slight_smile:
Share you solution and i can transfer it to wiki for you(or you can do it directly there and post link here)
Thanks for willing to share!

So, is this working or is there something else needed. Would like to get this to work with a EM7455/MC7455 card.

Thanks for this. You mentioned “edit the chat scripts”. Can you explain what this means.
Also, do you what lines would need to change for T-Mobile and where to find those changes?

I get connected but default route in “show ip route” is inactive.

“We did get this working with VYoS. Both with 4g LTE primary and as a backup. Is there still any interest in this?”

Just want to know more how you able to support 4G LET in VyOS. Could you through some light on this. I am eager to know.

Also interested to know, is any recent VyOS release by default support USB 4G LTE this?