VyOS on Dell S6000


I am looking to test capabilities on Dell Networking S6000 32P 40GbE QSFP with VyOS. Dell says that I can put any OS on this, to make open hardware.

So questions to you guys, does any had capability to install, test or maintain VyOS on Dell S6000 platform ?

Not at this time.
VyOS not really targets whitebox switches anyway.
Most of them require access to proprietary sdk for switch silicon, it’s also possible to use Open Network Switch Layer (OpenNSL) with others, but, as i mentioned, no plans to support whitebox switches as of now.

I mean router, not just switch. So router capabilities and S6000 hmm ?

assuming you installed vyos there (if there is some intel x86 hardware) you still will not be able to use switch ports, so not really useful

not installed yet, was just looking for router hardware, so why im not interested in switching. Pure routing hardware.

CPU Intel x86 (S1220)