Vyos on Google Compute Engine


Do you plan to build a google compute engine iso? (like AWS)

Indeed, I 've tried to import Vyos in Google Compute Engine but it doesn’t work.
(However i rebuild kernel with pre-requisites)

Google told me Debian 6 could be reponsible in this import error.


I got this working as far as imported and running on GCE, but I can’t get into the box. I could get into it on virtual box before I packaged it up. I assume the networking stuff is not lining up correctly.

My steps…
Create Vitualbox image (Debian 64bit) using vyos-1.1.7-amd64

  • 2048 memory
  • 10 GB drive (QCOW)
  • disable audio
  • disable floppy on boot
  • network/advanced, change to Paravirtualized Network

Setup Vyos

  • Install to image
  • Create your password.
  • setup ssh.

Shutdown Virtualbox Image

  • Create Raw Image (VboxManage clonehd -format RAW ./Vyos.qcow ~/disk.raw)
  • tar raw image (gtar -cSzf vyos.tar.gz disk.raw) You must use “Gtar” not just “tar” or you’ll get the bad image error.
  • gsutil cp vyos.tar.gz gs://some-unique-folder/vyos.tar.gz
  • gcloud compute images create vyos --source-uri gs://some-unique-folder/vyos.tar.gz

Now create an instance from the image.
My problem is that it starts up but I can’t get into the box. So I need to know how to configure vyos so that it will run on GCE.

Try pre-configuring vyos with proper IP addresses, FW rules, and most important MAC addresses.

Hello guys,
please get your accounts on phabricator.vyos.net
i going to create Project for GCE there
we can continue discussion there.

By the way, we have image on Ravello which uses GCE for their labs, and VyOS boots just fine

hi, i did the same thing and i’m stuck… were you able to make it work?