Vyos on ibase network appliance bare metal

Hi Everyone
I installed both Vyos 1.4 and 1.3 beta on Ibase appliance
Onboard Intel® Celeron® J1900 SoC, 2.0GHz
Advanced LAN Bypass
4x Intel® I211-AT GbE ports
however it detect one nic only which is eth0 and it is down

is that HW supported if yes any clue why am I getting this

Thank you

Well - Even I have tried with iBase appliances with FWA8408 and then I came to know that those does not support debian yet. Hence I am unable to install 1.3 however 1.4 I have no issues but the weird issue I noticed is. Every time appliance is rebooted the NIC card numbers gets changed randomly

The problem with NIC numbering in some cases is known. As far as I know, VyOS developers are working on it.

Thank you for the reply , is there any workaround currently ?

In my case I see only one always and it is down

What does it say when you do sudo su and then run ip a

Basically shows
Eth0 and say no carrier …etc down