VyOS on old 32bit laptop: is 1.1.8 ok?

Hi all,

I’ve come into possession of an old 32bit laptop in good condition, which I’m thinking of using as a VyOS firewall and network manager in a home business. Celeron i686.

However, I can’t find any ISOs newer than 1.1.8.

Am I ok with 1.1.8, or should I attempt to build the newest version from source? In fact, does the source still allow straightforward compilation for 32bit intel?

Or are there any recent builds for 32bit x86?


Unless the laptop is about 13 years old, Celerons have the 64-bit extensions to run64-bit OSs.

You can verify if your laptop has 64bit support, by using programs such as CPU-Z (on Windows) to find out the exact model and supported features. Another way is using the same program, look up the CPU model on Intel’s ARK site (https://ark.intel.com) and looking for the line “Intel 64” towards the bottom of the page.

Below is screenshoot of my desktop PC with the line showing that it supports 64bit.