VYOS on Tilera Tile 36 or 72 Core Router


Currently Mikrotik Cloud Core uses the Tilera Platform for their higher end routers.

I think it would be pretty interesting to utilize VYOS on Tilera.

There are development / whitebox systems available.


I would be interested in working with someone on a port to Tilera.



That cam be really powerfull tool use on that


What is the cost of one of those?


Not sure but I sent them an email.

The architecture is listed as TILE, not sure what that means exactly. I wonder what it would take to port VyOS to one of these.


are there any known linux distributions running on TILE?


RouterOS from Mikrotik uses Linux Kernel… it´s a place to start :slight_smile:


They most probably violating GPL, as they are closed source system,
so no much sense port something to their devices.


btw, i´m talking about this:


there´s a open SDK for tile-gx


Do you know any devices with that CPUs which is freely available on the market with accessible price and good port count ?
Personally, I currently don’t see demand for that, we rather will focus on x86 and we have some experimental ARM builds, but as you can imagine, any porting is time-consuming

Commercially talking about MikroTik boxes with that CPUs, they have paid licenses for their os level 4 and up, don’t see why they will allow/help porting something that can affect their revenue

Maybe someone from community will want to pick this up, some day, but currently, there are no plans for that


personally I would rather see more efforts and development towards the Intel DPDK