VyOS on Vultr as 4to6 and DHCPv6 for RouterOS

I have Mikrotik’s RB2011 which can act as a DHCP client and can be configured to interact with various tunnelbrokers with specific configuration.

The problem is that my ISP doesn’t allows residential customers to have a static (pingable) IP and their dynamic IPs have Ping disabled which makes it unviable for me to use that to get myself a tunnelbroker from HE.net or any other provider.

One alternative I thought of was to create an IPv4 VPN tunnel to a VPS and getting DHCPv6 from there.

VyOS is available on vultr as an install option so I’m looking towards setting it up in a way that my router could directly talk to VyOS and get IPv6 assignment done.

The Problem: I’m a total noob when it comes to VyOS! so any starting point will be of much help to me.

Thanks in advance