VyOS OpenVPN TLS and Google Authenticator

Hi! Good day! We’re setting up a new hq router to serve for a multi-site connection, we already setup the tls for everyone. Now, we’ve decided to setup a 2FA to our clients (Windows PC) using the self-signed tls and Google Authenticator as a remote access server, however, I’m not sure where to start configuring or adding the Google Authenticator. TIA!

There is currently nothing in place but as this feature was requested a while ago, probably 1.3 will have a CLI option to enable it.

Hi, hagbard… Thanks for the info. Does this configuration could be applied to the clients (Windows PC using OpenVPN software) when they would want to connect to the network?

So far the plan is only to make it available via pam, which means authentication on a vyos system only. The local openvpn process may be able to use that as well, not sure yet.

Oh, i see. This is a big help. Thanks for the details hagbard! Appreciate it.

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