Vyos ProxMox Cloud-Init Support


I will like to ask if Vyos now supports the native cloud-init functionality in ProxMox instead of the NoCloud (via seed.iso) implementation that is referenced here:


In essence is it currently possible to use the cloud-init directly without creating seed.iso?




I would also like to know, if there is the possibility to use cloud-init directly as it is integrated in the proxmox UI - especially when using the image specifically built to run on a proxmox host (and the image is even named vyos-1.3.6-cloud-init-10G-qemu.qcow2).


I just gave it a go, VyOS 1.4 compiled myself but standard, as in the docs explained. After that I followed the linke above ‘Cloud-init on Proxmox’ and left out all the steps to created cloud-init files and the seed.iso.

Bascially only creating the qcow2 image with the parameters mentioned and created the VM, also as described.

In Proxmox GUI I created the Cloud-Init and set the password (no additional user), ip address and gateway for network interface 0 and the ip address for network interface 1.

All the mentioned settings were correctly applied, plus the hostname was set to what was set in ‘Options’ > ‘Name’.

You may want to give it a go, too.

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Took some time until I could again work on it.
Thanks for trying it out.
You said, that you created the cloud-init in the Proxmox GUI and set the password for the user - do I understand it correctly, that you set the ip address and gateway with vyos-cli commands in the user-data file, as described in the documentation page ‘Cloud-init on Proxmox’?



  1. make cloudinit support qcow2 image.
  2. deploy vyos with terrafom with cloudinit settings on pve. You can set all vyos configure and write files in vyos directly during terraform deployment.

Hi Thomas,

No, I set all the mentioned options in the Proxmox Cloud-Init GUI, no vyos-cli commands were involved.

A bit later I create another VM and set all the options possible in the Proxmox Cloud-Init GUI (user, password, SSH key, DNS domain, DNS servers and IP config) and that worked too.

Does it not work for you?

Edit: I’m working with VyOS 1.4 rolling