VyOS router configuration


I’m setting up a small network in Virtualbox.

Extra information: for public services that should be accessible from the Internet (the so-called “DMZ” or “Demilitarized Zone”) for the internal network. Within this range, is reserved for work stations (desktops, laptops, mobile devices).

I’m having trouble configuring my VyOS router. What needs to be done? On the left side you see the internal network. I have made a workstation(Fedora 26) with 2 host only network cards. They receive their IP’s from the DHCP server. One IP is based on its MAC and will always be

What’s the problem? The workstation should have internet via the router and the workstation should be able to access the company website named avalon.lan(based on or pu001, so I guess I should be able to ping on my workstation).

What have I accomplished at the moment? The router can ping with everything I have made and everything I have made can ping the router.

Here’s how my script looks at the moment: router-config.sh - Pastebin.com

Any help would be much appreciated, I don’t really see what I’m missing.

So based on that diagram you have 1 host with VM instances on it, the workstation you mention is a VM as well plus 3 physical machines (pu003, pr002 and pr010) connected via physical switches and r001 which is… also a VM on that one single host machine? Could you please post a simple diagram of your actual setup, the assignment diagram is making matters just more confusing. Looks more like a VM<->host based problem, any NAT settings you might have overlooked?
We really need more input, like what does the routing table on the workstation look like (especially gateway entries)?

Well, does it work or not? And can your router ping external addresses (internet connectivity)?

NAT settings in my router or…?
Diagram: Diagram hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB
Note: everything is made in Virtualbox.

IP route workstation: Diagram2 hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB

Workstation can’t ping, gets error: “network is unreachable”.

Router can ping everyting inside the network and external adresses like google.com.