Vyos sources location

Hello everyone,
I’m new in vyos and intrested in implementation of some features, e.g. BGP, flow accounting (netflow, sflow)

I walked across vyos github with plenty of project but was not able to locate bgp or netflow source code (just some command line specs)

Could you please point me to repo which contains bgp and flow accounting core logic?

Thanks in advance!

sorry for my English

  • I’m intrested in on how vyos implements these features

Bgp old format: bgp

Flow accounting: flow

Thank you for the links you send
e.g. flow accounting link
seems to me a configuration routine only, some stuff of verifying and applying configuration
However netflow logic should contain at least netflow cache implementation along with logic of adding/removing flows and sharing netflow information, but I’m unable to find anything about it in the repository you mentioned

For BGP I haven’t found anything about processing update messages following the link you mentioned, e.g. making decition about best paths, logic for removing unfeasible route and replacing it from previous announced route (if any). So it seems to me this also is about configuration but not about the core functionality

Could you please clarify where the netflow and bgp logic mentioned above is implemented?

Thank you!

BGP core logic as you call it is handled by FRRouting project.

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This looks more precise!
I’ve found two repos vyos one and the legacy one as far as I understand

Could you please clarify which one is in use for VyOS?
Could you please also point me to “core” functionality of flow accounting which is utilized by VyOS?

It used the original frr repo.

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Thank you for the link, it’s very useful!
In BGP part, it really looks like I was looking for!

I was also able to find some netfilter projects which also a part of VyOS and walked across them, but still I haven’t found anything about flow accounting “core” logic, e.g. managing of flow cache, statistics counters, etc…

Could you please point me to flow accounting repo/project which is used by VyOS?

Thanks in advance

Guess I’ve found the netflow code, it’s in pmacct
To be precise, does vyos use source from it’s own repo mentioned above or from original one?