VyOS support for latest OpenVPN with IPv6 on inner and outer tunnel addresses


Currently I’m having to run three separate routers to do all the IPv6 functionality I need.

It would really be nice to be able to consolidate everything into one VyOS instance.

The latest version of OpenVPN (2.4+) allows for IPv4 and IPv6 addresses for both external transport and internal tunnel.


It’s already planned to have it installed and the necessary updates done to the cli, but I don’t know when the will happen.


Use “openvpn-option tun-ipv6” and "openvpn-option “ifconfig-ipv6 subnet::1 subnet::2” until it’s implemented.


I didn’t know about that.

I’ll try that out and report back.

Thanks for the info!


Great! That works like a charm!

That simplifies things so I don’t have to have a separate “tunX” to do IPv4-IPv6 translation through the OpenVPN tunnel.

I’ll continue looking forward to the day that VyOS can handle IPv6 on its “OUTER” addresses for OpenVPN as well as I inch forward towards IPv6-ONLY.