Vyos traffic shaping confusion

I’m confused about traffic shaping and how shapers get applied to interfaces.
I have a 100*5 coonection here and would like to use FQ-codel to keep traffic moving.
I configured the following shaper.

[edit traffic-policy]
vyos@vyos.thekingstech.com# show
 shaper wan {
     bandwidth 100mbit
     default {
         bandwidth 100mbit
         burst 15k
         ceiling 100mbit
         queue-limit 1000
         queue-type fq-codel
     description test-wan

Now i’d like to apply this to the download side of my wan interface which is eth0
How would i go about this?
Also, i’d like to configure a similar shaper for the upload and add that to eth0 as well. However, according to the docs i can only apply fq-codel shappers to the outbound side of an interface. Assuming this is true, how do i make happen what i’m asking for?



you can try this:


set interfaces input ifb0 traffic-policy out MY-INGRESS-SHAPING
set interfaces ethernet eth0 redirect ifb0

But there is a bug in this settings at the moment.

So just to make sure i have it all straight.
out on my wan interface is upload?
and using an input interface would be download?


I think it is best explained here:

Thanks much for the help. I think this explains it well enough for now.