VyOS Trivia Challenge!

Greeting VyOS Community!

It’s time to take a break from the ordinary and dive into the extraordinary world of VyOS! The VyOS Trivia Challenge is here test your networking mettle while adding a dash of fun. Are you up for the challenge? :beers:

:dart:Question 1: In VyOS, what is the purpose of the “Set firewall name” command with the action “accept” and the option “State”?

:dart:Question 2: VyOS supports multiple VPN protocols. Name three different VPN protocols VyOS can be configured to use.

:dart:Question 3: How would you configure VyOS to use policy-based routing based on source IP addresses?

:dart:Question 4: What VyOS feature allows you to configure high availability failover for network interfaces?

Take a deep breath, let your networking genius shine, and share your answers by replying to this thread. Remember, it’s okay to take a fun break from routing and configurations once in a while! :doughnut: