Vyos vmware hardware upgrade lost eth1/2


I have two Vyos vm running under VMware 8.0 U2 but the vm hardware is much older.
My version is VyOS 1.4-rolling-202310030309

see screenshot

if I upgrade now to the latest hardware version, the system breaks. Linux renamed the network cards to eth2/eth3 any idea for this issue?

I found this but how react Vyos of this?


In VyOS “hw-id” is used to hook each VyOS interface to the physical interfaces of the host (or if runned as VM guest what the host exposes to the VM guest as virtual nics).

hw-id is the real mac-address of the physical (or virtual) nic.


set interfaces ethernet eth0 hw-id 'aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff'

So verify how your VMware is configured regarding the VyOS VM guest.

If virtual nic is used then the mac-address the VyOS see should be unchanged when you upgrade VMware or replace hardware the VMware host runs at.

But if you do stuff like pass-through or expose the host adapter to the VM guest then if the physical nic is replaced (or you move to a new VM host) the hw-id in VyOS will no longer match and you need to update that.

Hi Apachez,

set interfaces ethernet eth0 hw-id ‘00:50:52:82:62:85’
is set.

I think it is faster to create a new vm and install new.

This is to be expected when upgrading the “hardware” version in VMWare: new NIC “hardware” is installed into the VM and VyOS loses the MAC-interface association set through the hw-id config option, just as Apachez pointed out.

To set a static MAC for your VM, please refer to MAC Address Management. This is not a guarantee though: upgrading VM hardware version is always a tricky operation.