VyOS vs plain Debian for a dedicated downstream VPN router and gateway

My main router does not natively support Wireguard so i’m thinking about using a spare NUC (with single NIC) for following purposes:

  • Wireguard and OpenVPN gateway via a paid provider (AzireVPN etc…), then have my main router do policy-based routing with this NUC as one (or several) of the gateways.
  • Wireguard and OpenVPN server so I can connect to my home network when I’m away.
  • Possible site to side VPN with another remote network.

Initially i was thinking about using plain Debian/Ubuntu and do all the configs from scratch. But with VyOS being a router based on Debian, would it be easier to just use VyOS instead? Are there extra benefits (e.g. gateway monitoring…) compared to plain Debian?

Thank you!

i was wandering the same thing some months ago, for a simple full featured router toward internet (nat,qos,some-firewalling) to put in front of my home setup, and i chose vyos against bare-linux only from laziness and familiarity with junos/cisco-os*, why reinvent the wheel :slight_smile: