Vyotta can get to another subnet and ping goes out into the internet but can't reach any websites via browser

I have 3 nets on my Hyper-V host.
eth0:, Interface IP:
eth1:, Interface IP:
eth2:, Interface IP:

Actually, the subnet is configured on my firewall as a separate filed for test needs and that’s why i use it.
the router’s own GW is, which is the firewall.

I have set up dhcp-server for the subnets on eth1 and eth2 and defined as GW 192.152.16-17.245. All the VMs in this two networks, will receive one of those two GW.

I have set static route rule on router, using
set protocols static route next-hop
since the firewall is and the only way to the interent is.

However, i can ping clients from one subnet to another and also i can ping from everywhere. But, when I try to open an internet page, it doesn’t work.

What am I doing wrong here?

Show the output of these commands.

ping yahoo.com
sudo nmap -T4 -e eth0 --script path-mtu -F

seems like my vyos is a google child. Don’t wanna ping yahoo :joy:

ok lads. I have found out that my dns server was not running at all :grimacing:. Interet works now on the VMs.
@Viacheslav It would be intressting to konw why ping doens’t work on vyotta. I can ping my clients from vyotta though.

What version do you use?

Check system name-server

set system name-server ''

If it configured, I think you need to check firewall rules.

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there is no dns server configured on vyotta. I think i can use my internal dns server,which is, cann’t I?

You can use any Internal/External hosts(dns) and combinations for resolving.

set system name-server 'x.x.x.1'
set system name-server 'x.x.x.2'
set system name-server 'x.x.x.3'
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Ping does work. vyotta chould ping yahoo.com.
However, nmap doesn’t exist. I am using vyos-1.1.8

1.1.8 it’s old release and does not contain this package.
Is everything working now?

yes, then it is fine. now. thankyou.

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