When DR is down, VyOS doesn't update routes

I configured ospf on vyos.

vyos#1 is DR. (priority 100)
vyos#2 is BDR. (priority 10)
vyos#3 and #4 are not DR and BDR.

In this case, when I poweroff or disabled IF, these vyos flush routing table and doesn’t update there routing table.

Once BDR comes up, these router update routing table again.

But in the case there is only DR(there are no BDR), these router work normal.
#I checked it with VyOS1.1.7 and 1.1.8 .

In cisco case, this situation isn’t observed.

It seems bugs.


try it on 1.2 and if that reproducible still
we will need to do bug on phabricator.vyos.net
@dmbaturin and @Unicron can assist with troubleshooting later

Thanks syncer.

I tried 1.2.0, but the issue didn’t improve.

Should I post this issue on phabricator.vyos.net again?

Yes please,
also put full procedure how to reproduce (you can backlink this post in taks)

Thank you for your reply.

I posted this issue.